What Can You do with a General Studies Degree?

General Studies Degree
General Studies Degree

A general studies degree, often perceived as a jack-of-all-trades in the academic world, offers a unique educational journey. Unlike degrees that focus narrowly on a specific field, a general studies program encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including the arts, sciences, and humanities. This interdisciplinary approach not only broadens the student’s perspective but also equips them with a diverse skill set. Graduates emerge as versatile individuals, prepared to navigate the complexities of today’s job market. With its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving, a general studies degree lays the foundation for success in numerous career paths and life endeavors.

1: Enhancing Your Employability

The versatility of a general studies degree significantly boosts employability. Employers value the critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that are hallmarks of this degree. In an era where adaptability is key, graduates can easily transition between industries, making them invaluable in roles that require a broad perspective and the ability to tackle diverse challenges. This degree demonstrates to potential employers that the candidate possesses not only a wide range of knowledge but also the flexibility to learn and grow within different professional environments.

2: Pursuing Further Education

A general studies degree lays a solid foundation for further education. It’s an excellent starting point for those who wish to specialize in a particular area but are unsure where to begin. For instance, if you’re inclined towards the sciences but want a broader undergraduate experience first, consider pursuing an online Bachelor of Science degree from an institution like St. Cloud State University afterward. This path allows students to first explore various fields and then commit to a specialized area, thereby enhancing their expertise and career prospects in sectors that require more focused knowledge.

3: Career in Education

Graduates with a general studies degree have a unique opportunity to impact the next generation through careers in education. Their broad academic background is particularly beneficial in settings that value interdisciplinary learning. Beyond teaching, opportunities exist in educational administration and counseling, where the ability to address diverse student needs and educational challenges is crucial. While additional certification may be required for teaching roles, the foundational knowledge acquired through a general studies degree provides a versatile base from which to branch into various educational pathways.

4: Opportunities in Business

The business world thrives on adaptability, strategic thinking, and interpersonal skills, qualities that general studies graduates possess in abundance. With their comprehensive educational background, these individuals are well-suited for roles in management, marketing, human resources, and sales. Their ability to view problems from various angles can lead to innovative solutions, driving success in a competitive business landscape. Furthermore, the degree fosters managerial and leadership skills, preparing graduates for roles that require overseeing projects and teams.

5: Roles in Government and Public Service

A general studies degree also opens doors to careers in government and public service. Graduates can leverage their broad knowledge base and analytical skills in positions that influence policy, community development, and public administration. Their adeptness at critical thinking and communication is particularly valuable in roles that involve policy analysis, public relations, and serving the community’s needs. Whether it’s working within local municipalities, state agencies, or federal departments, general studies graduates are equipped to contribute meaningfully to the public sector.

6: Careers in Nonprofits

Graduates holding a general studies degree are particularly suited for the nonprofit sector, where versatility and a broad understanding of societal issues are invaluable. Their ability to adapt and think critically positions them well for roles in program coordination, development, and community outreach. The interdisciplinary nature of their studies enables them to approach problems from multiple perspectives, a crucial skill in developing and implementing initiatives that aim to improve community well-being and address social challenges.

7: Working in the Creative Industries

The creative industries offer a fertile ground for general studies graduates, where their diverse educational background can inspire innovation. Fields such as writing, graphic design, media production, and digital content creation benefit from the wide-ranging knowledge and adaptability these graduates bring. Their ability to synthesize information from various disciplines can lead to unique and compelling works of art and media, underscoring the value of a broad-based education in fostering creativity.

8: Technology Sector Opportunities

The technology sector, known for its rapid pace of change and innovation, also presents opportunities for general studies graduates. While some roles may require additional technical training or certifications, positions in project management, user experience design, and tech support can benefit from the problem-solving and analytical skills honed through a general studies program. These graduates can bridge the gap between technical experts and end-users, facilitating effective communication and project success.

9: Engaging in Entrepreneurship

A general studies degree equips individuals with the critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability necessary for entrepreneurship. The broad knowledge base and flexible mindset fostered by this degree encourage innovative business ideas and solutions. Graduates can apply their interdisciplinary skills to start and manage businesses across a range of industries, capitalizing on opportunities to fill market gaps with novel products or services. The degree’s emphasis on lifelong learning and personal development also prepares them to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

10: Personal and Professional Development

Beyond preparing for specific career paths, a general studies degree contributes significantly to personal and professional development. The pursuit of a varied curriculum encourages a love for learning and a curiosity about the world. Graduates emerge as well-rounded individuals, ready to adapt to and thrive in a changing global landscape. This degree cultivates not just a set of skills, but a mindset geared towards growth, adaptability, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge—qualities that are invaluable in any profession and in life.


A general studies degree offers more than a traditional education; it provides a passport to a world of opportunities. From contributing to the nonprofit and creative sectors to innovating in technology and entrepreneurship, graduates leverage their broad-based education to make impactful contributions across a spectrum of fields. Beyond immediate career prospects, the degree lays the groundwork for ongoing personal and professional growth, instilling a mindset of lifelong learning and adaptability. In a world that increasingly values versatility and the ability to think critically from multiple perspectives, a general studies degree stands as a testament to the power of a well-rounded education. Graduates are not just prepared for the job market; they are prepared for life’s complexities, equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the future, whatever it may hold.

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