Review of Rainbow Six Siege and its capabilities for cooperative play

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Rainbow Six is a shooter with an eSports component that divides players into two teams to battle each other, which makes it similar to CS 2, but the project offers a number of innovations and mechanics that add originality to it.

This is an agent system that allows each player to have a unique set of tools used in assault and defense play, and the weapons they can use – shotguns, assault and automatic rifles, and sniper weapons.

The main feature of R6 is the destruction system, which allows you to interact with almost any part of the map and destroy obstacles inside and outside the building and even break walls to simplify the assault, or, on the contrary, stop it – making further movement along this road impossible.

All matches, depending on the outcome, will influence the ratings of players, where a victory will raise it, and a defeat will correspondingly lower it, but among the influencing factors it is also worth noting the general statistics of each player and whether defeats and victories are systemic, then the system can promote the player to a higher rank, or lower respectively.

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Matches and challenges

In each match, two teams will meet, where special forces will attack a building in which there are terrorists and a bomb has been installed, or hostages have been taken.

The task of the police is to knock out the bandits and free the hostages, or to defuse the threat, and to prevent the terrorists from doing this.

Each round will have its own time limits, and if it pushes the special forces to quickly conduct reconnaissance and begin the assault, then, on the contrary, it is more profitable for the defenders to delay time.

The first team to achieve 8 wins will be the winner of the entire match.

Destruction and tools

Each player will have tools to influence shelters and building elements, and their power will depend on the agent class that has been selected.

These can be sledgehammers and reinforced bombs, and vice versa – simple and complex barricades to counter assaults and undermine fortifications.

The task of the defencists is to occupy positions that will be difficult to simply blow up and that are not immediately checked from the first seconds of the assault, and given that in R6 you can even lie on the ground, sometimes it will be really difficult to detect the enemy.

Use bombs and grenades to knock enemies out of cover, or, conversely, hinder the start of the assault by collapsing structures and destroying inattentive enemies at the start.

The more ideas and interesting tricks you come up with in each round, the more likely you are to get a boost in Rainbow Six Siege.

Attack game

Special forces have a strong advantage due to the ability to choose the point of attack and the ability to both gather all the players into one strike fist, and distribute everyone in a series of strikes, where some will be distracting, and the rest will be the main one, combining efforts for an assault from several sides at the same time.

The most important task of attack aircraft is not to lose fighters before the start of the battle, and not to indicate their plans to the enemy so that he has time to prepare. When storming a position where 5 players are entrenched, it is almost impossible to break through without serious losses and numerical superiority.

Use different tactics and constantly deceive the enemy in your intentions, and then you will win more matches than lose and increase your rank in R6.

Keep in mind that there will always be rounds and teams in which defenders will try to look for kills and play aggressively – you need to take positions and be prepared for such a strategy, and if you immediately knock out at least one defender, then your assault will be even easier.

Try to find non-obvious entry points, because they most likely will not be mined or barricaded, but then move quickly but carefully.

You can even not kill all enemies, but build your own barricades, take up defensive positions and simply defuse the bomb, which will also lead to you winning the round.

Use snipers, but no more than 1 per team, because you will need heavy suppressive fire during the assault. The sniper will be able to check windows, cracks and open spaces and, if an enemy is detected, eliminate him, which will simplify the start of the assault for the members of his group.

Playing defense

Terrorists have advantages in defense and the choice of points and the ability to strengthen the building from various forms of assault, from simple to thoughtful.

Your main task is to occupy non-obvious points that will be checked in the first seconds of the assault and set cunning bombs and traps that will give a chance that some of the special forces will die without even engaging in battle.

You must also understand the direction of the main attack as quickly as possible and drag all the defencists there, but be careful and react to current information, because enemies can use fakes and constantly change the direction of the main attack.

Use drones to collect information and don’t always get into trouble. Some rounds you will be able to make exits and kill stormtroopers without harming yourself, but gradually the opponents will prepare and adjust, and you will need to look for new tactics and solutions.

For terrorists, the sniper is less effective, but sometimes his ability to kill with one shot will benefit the entire squad, so the sniper skill needs to be trained for your rating in Rainbow Six Siege.

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