How to Increase TikTok Views: Boost Your Video’s Visibility and Get More Engagement


Interested to learn the ways to increase TikTok video visibility by increasing likes and views naturally? You have landed at the right destination as here you will discover the tried-and-tested strategies to boost your views, likes, and overall engagement.

Understand your audience or niche.

TikTok’s audience is well-segmented and can easily get hyper-focused. So, search for your niche audience that relates to your posts. Discover some videos in your pertinent community and find who you wish to hang out with. Identify the trending accounts in TikTok communities and select thighs like formats, content with higher engagement, hashtags used, and references. Liking other’s content and commenting on their posts can assist develop relationships with certain users.

Optimize your TikTok profile.

A complete and properly optimized profile and videos tend to get more likes, views, and other forms of engagement. A memorable and unique profile name is the starting point of a bio on the platform. It represents what your profile is all about and makes sure that you appear in the appropriate keyword searches.

TikTok offers creators with a single clickable URL in a bio. Therefore, use it attentively as you will not get this chance again. Using this feature, you can convert your feed into a clickable and mobile-optimized landing page. Upload a unique and compelling profile picture to represent you. Keep your bio engaging, short, and snappy.

Use popular TikTok sound effects and music.

Music and sound effects are the most powerful tools in the TikTok store to increase views and engagement. Different songs, sound effects, and music go through various popularity cycles on TikTok. So, keep your ears peeled for current trending sound clips and use them in your videos to earn more views on your videos.

You can click on the sound from a specific video to discover all the videos using that sound or effect and get some ideas to make your videos. No matter whether you have trending music or an effect in the background or all the way, it will help you encourage users to click on your video to watch it.

Another way to find a suitable music effect for your video clip is to click on the Create button and then hit Add Sound. Alternatively, you can use any third-party TikTok video editing app to complement your clip with appropriate audio.

Jump on popular trends.

When any viral trend hits significant volume, it reaches the perception of normal users. You must jump on the bandwagon and make your video that matches the latest trend. This is significantly important for beginners who want to get a higher number of views on the platform. Following the viral content creation trends helps grow the audience and maximize TikTok views over time.

Create unique and creative content.

To gain a limelight on the platform, you need to develop one-of-a-kind content creation ideas. Create interactive and unique videos that resonate with a wider audience and hold the power to keep viewers engaged for longer.

To get started, create TikTok challenges that consist of particular hashtags and persuade users to make videos on a challenge theme. This is generally started as an imperative part of a viral trend or a campaign. You can also go with creating tutorials or how-to videos that give users useful tips and information on using a standard service or product.

Upload frequently and consistently.

Posting quality and interactive content frequently at the right time is the secret sauce of successful creators. Top creators post around 3-4 videos per day and maintain this consistency in their posting schedule. If you wish to trend with your videos, upload enough content daily using the TikTok scheduler.

Your videos are less likely to appear in the For You feeds of other users if you keep your profile low and upload 1-2 videos per week. Try to create a schedule of posting at least one video per day to gain better engagement and traction. Keep a consistent quality, content type, and channel tone in your videos to make them immediately recognizable to the audience.

Be sure to maintain the balance between quality and quantity to make your efforts pay back fruitfully in terms of many views, likes, shares, and comments. The more quality and creative videos you post, the more likely you will reach an audience who will engage with your content. If at any time, you don’t have any creative content ideas, you can re-share your best-performing videos.

Focus on a higher completion rate.

Yes, a view is indeed counted whenever any user watches a video just for a few seconds, it is important to keep viewers watching your content to the end. The reason is that the algorithm prioritizes content with higher completion rates for ‘For You’ page recommendations. Try to hook your audience in the starting few seconds by showcasing the outcome initially or using captions that generate suspense or a cliffhanger for an interesting reveal.

Use TikTok’s analytics to refine your strategy.

Just developing the essential skills to create interactive content is not enough to drive more engagement and success positively on the platform, instead, it will require constant research and analysis. Once you understand how to upload a significant number of engaging posts with time, you will soon realize that just a few of your posts are gaining engagement and popularity while the rest get lost in the crowd.

Do your thorough research and use the extracted insights from your TikTok’s analytics to improve your content strategies and make your videos more interactive. Learn what type of content works best with your audience and which one earns the highest traction.

Researching your audience can allow you to create a customer persona that consists of psychographic and demographic details of the audience. Remember that these insights and analytics are accessible just for pro accounts of TikTok. So, change your TikTok account to Pro after gaining a large number of real followers.

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