Best countries for real estate investment 2024. Bulgaria


Currently, Bulgaria is one of the best countries for real estate investment, 2024.

It is located among the Balkan Mountains with a mild climate and healing springs. The country is famous for its ski and Black Sea resorts and nature. The varied relief does not leave any tourist indifferent. The Black Sea coast and clean sandy beaches attract vacationers from all countries. Investing in real estate in Bulgaria is a great idea that allows investors to increase their annual income. You can invest in both residential and non-residential premises.

An additional advantage is the stable economic situation and the country’s membership in the European Union, which provides additional legal protection for investors.

Bulgaria offers a wide range of investment options: from seaside apartments to secluded mountain villas. Property prices in Bulgaria continue to rise, but they are still significantly lower than in other European countries, making the investment profitable both in the short and long term.

Becoming an investor is cool. Especially if you can’t afford it at home. Remember how many times you read how people with difficulty bought an apartment, sold it at a speculative price, bought two apartments, sold them… and, in general, now live without denying themselves anything.

By the way, on Bulgarian real estate websites, housing that is completely unsuitable for living is slyly called investment objects – for example, apartments Pomorie, Bulgaria. As a rule, such a name means that the house will have to be completely rebuilt. And then, perhaps, it will be possible to sell it at a higher price. But will it be possible? No one can promise you this.

Who buys real estate

Investment in resort real estate in the sunny country is popular among Bulgarians and foreigners. Many buyers believe that investment means saving money or generating passive income by renting out premises.

In recent years, more than 60% of profitable and successful real estate acquisition transactions have been completed. Residential buildings and complexes are popular.

Savers invest their savings in real estate, considering such investments more reliable than bank deposits.

Benefits of real estate investment

When investing funds, the following goals are pursued, which are recommended to pay attention to:

  • Saving money;
  • Renting out residential and commercial real estate;
  • Apartment for your own holiday;
  • Apartments for permanent residence.

When purchasing an apartment for a family vacation, the preferences of buyers are taken into account. A quiet, measured vacation among nature will be in rural towns: St. Constantine and Helena.

People who prefer entertainment will feel comfortable in Sunny Beach, Burgas, Varna, Sveti Vlas.

For permanent residence, real estate experts advise buying properties in cities with developed infrastructure: Pomorie, Burgas, Sofia, Varna. They have everything you need for a full and comfortable life.

For purchasing a house for sale in Bulgaria, real estate agents recommend purchasing premises in cities with a Black Sea ski resort: Elenite, St. Vlas. Sunny Beach is suitable for summer holidays.

Investments in commercial real estate in Bulgaria

Investments in commercial real estate provide an opportunity to increase your profits through passive income. Retail properties are rented at a higher price than residential apartments. How quickly the space will pay for itself depends on some nuances that need to be taken into account when choosing an object:

  • price;
  • location of the premises;
  • liquidity.

Investing in commercial real estate in Bulgaria is a good idea for entrepreneurs. It is one of the best countries for real estate investment. Business begins with finding suitable premises in which it will be comfortable to work. The country’s economic growth makes it possible to develop commerce, so investments in real estate are considered promising and profitable.

Stable income from renting out commercial premises allows the owners of such properties to earn passive income.

Legal aspects of purchasing real estate in Bulgaria

Buying property in Bulgaria in another country always involves legal issues. In Bulgaria, foreign citizens can freely purchase apartments, but the purchase of land and houses is subject to certain restrictions. It is important to carefully check all documents and rights to the property, as well as take into account tax and legislative aspects.

Contacting qualified lawyers and notaries will help you avoid many problems. They will not only provide assistance in document verification, but also advise on all issues related to taxation and property management.

Real estate investment, 2024. Verdict

Investing in real estate in Bulgaria is a great opportunity to earn income and enjoy life in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is important to remember that the success of such an investment largely depends on the correct choice of object and a competent approach to completing the transaction. Taking into account all these aspects, investing in Bulgarian real estate can be a profitable and safe decision for every investor.

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