8 Home Improvement Projects with the Highest ROI

Home Improvement Projects with the Highest ROI
Home Improvement Projects with the Highest ROI

Home makeovers do more than provide a new look; they can significantly increase the value of your house. In fact, some home improvement projects can even double your investment. So, where you put your money matters a lot.

In places like Kentwood, for example, lots of folks are sprucing up their homes. They get that having a nice bathroom or a cool basement can make their place more valuable. Even the outside counts — a new garage door or, let’s say, a pretty garden can immediately boost your home’s price tag.

But it’s not just about looks. Making your home more energy-efficient and keeping it safe and clean can also pump up its value. So, let’s learn more about such home upgrades and see how homeowners can benefit from them.

Enhancing Bathroom Accessibility

Bathrooms have evolved. Today, it’s not just about functionality but ensuring accessibility for all. The ‘universal design,’ which caters to people of all ages and abilities, is now a sought-after feature in many modern bathrooms. It features cool things like showers without a step to trip over and warm floors in the winter. There are mirrors and showerheads that can adjust for people of different heights. And guess what? Kentwood is all about this bathroom makeover stuff. People here understand that a great bathroom is worth it.

For those thinking of such upgrades in the Kentwood region, considering advice from local experts can make a big difference. Reach out to service providers like Kentwood shower replacement experts to modernize your space.

Beyond the immediate benefits of accessibility and style, there’s a financial angle, too. Homes equipped with universal design features in their bathrooms are often valued higher. Reports suggest that such remodels can offer an average ROI of around 50-70%. It is evident homeowners are not just spending; they are investing smartly.

Revitalizing Basements

Basements often remain the most underutilized part of a house. Yet, transforming this space can add enormous value to a home. According to HomeAdvisor, renovating a basement can provide homeowners with additional functional space that’s both practical and versatile. This means extra rooms for guests, dedicated storage areas, or even an entertainment hub for the whole family!

A prominent benefit of finishing a basement is its bonus storage and entertainment space. Families can enjoy movie nights, children can have a play area, and adults can set up a gym or a quiet workspace. Given its adaptability, it’s not surprising that homeowners can recover up to 70% of the renovation costs when they sell their homes, according to a CNBC report. That’s an impressive ROI for merely turning an otherwise neglected space into something worthwhile.

Amplifying Curb Appeal

A home’s exterior sets the tone for what’s inside. It’s the first thing visitors notice and can significantly influence a buyer’s perception. Investing in your home’s outer appearance isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a smart financial move. For instance, Clopay reports that replacing garage doors can give homeowners up to a 98.3% return on investment (ROI). That’s a massive profit from just updating a single element of the house!

Additionally, a fresh coat of exterior paint doesn’t just make a home stand out and offers protection against weather damage. But there’s more. Landscaping isn’t only about making gardens pretty. Homeowners can expect a 100% ROI from well-executed landscaping improvements, according to Realtor.com. Every dollar spent on planting trees, setting up flower beds, or manicuring lawns can be completely regained when selling the house.

Top of Form

Transitioning from Carpet to Hardwood

Hardwood flooring stands as a top choice for many homeowners today for a number of reasons. Its clean and timeless look not only elevates the style of the home but also offers a durable solution, outlasting carpets for many years. This simple yet transformative switch is not just about beauty; it substantially increases the resale value of the home.

Realtor.com states this transition to hardwood can offer a high return on investment. Not only does it ease the cleaning process, but it significantly reduces allergens that carpets harbor, presenting a healthier living environment. Homebuyers often prefer hardwood for these reasons, willing to pay a premium for houses that feature this flooring.

Upgrading the HVAC System

A good HVAC system keeps your home comfy all year. But guess what? It’s more than just comfort – it makes your home worth more. If you’re a homeowner thinking about updating your old HVAC system, there are some cool perks.

First, you’ll save money on energy bills. Second, your home’s value can go up. Even though it might cost a bit upfront, it’s a smart move. Different estimates suggest installing a new HVAC system can increase your home’s value by 5-10%, so it’s a good deal.

Implementing Whole Home Water Filters

Clean water is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Many homeowners focus on whole-home water filters with increasing awareness about water pollution and contaminants. These systems are dedicated to ensuring every drop of water used in the home, from drinking to showering, is free from pollutants. By eliminating contaminants, these filters provide families with safer, healthier water.

The benefits are numerous. Beyond health, a significant advantage comes from value for money. A single installation ensures that all faucets release treated water. Home inspectors from HomeLight point out that homes equipped with such systems often witness a surge in their market value. Clean water benefits the residents daily and is a solid investment for the future.

Boosting Energy Efficiency

A home’s energy consumption directly affects monthly bills and the environment. Homeowners today prioritize reducing both. Key investments include installing new windows, integrating solar panels, and replacing outdated appliances with energy-efficient ones. These improvements lead to immediate savings on monthly utilities.

Millennials are the biggest group of homebuyers today and they are showing a growing interest in eco-friendly living. A global survey by The Guardian reveals that over two-thirds of millennials prioritize eco-friendly products, and 66% are willing to pay extra for services and products from socially and environmentally responsible companies.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen stands as the heart of the home. Renovating it can range from minor touch-ups to major overhauls. While a major remodel might involve restructuring the entire space, minor ones focus on critical areas. Replacing countertops, updating appliances, and revamping the flooring can bring significant transformations.

These minor upgrades often make the biggest difference, both aesthetically and financially. Experts suggest homes with recently refreshed kitchens attract more potential buyers, leading to a competitive market price. Thus, even a minor kitchen renovation can yield a favorable return on investment, making it a wise choice for homeowners.


In essence, home improvement goes beyond just making a space look appealing. It’s about adding value, comfort, and efficiency. As we’ve explored, various upgrades, whether in energy efficiency or kitchen remodels, promise immediate satisfaction and long-term financial gains.

With the current market trends and homeowners’ inclination towards improvement, there’s no better time to invest in one’s home. After all, a home is not just a living space; it’s an asset, and every smart homeowner knows the significance of nurturing this asset.

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