What Spa Supplies Do Homeowners in Grand Rapids Need?

What Spa Supplies Do Homeowners in Grand Rapids Need?
What Spa Supplies Do Homeowners in Grand Rapids Need?

Owning a spa or hot tub is more than simply building a relaxing haven; it’s also about learning how to keep it looking good, keeping it safe, and making sure it works when you need it to.

Therefore, every homeowner should check out the Watson’s of Grand Rapids spa supplies to keep their spa a place of relaxation, health, and social connection.

Water Care Essentials

At the heart of spa maintenance is water care, a crucial aspect that ensures the water remains clean, clear, and safe for use. The primary supplies in this category include:


Chlorine and bromine are the most common sanitizers used to keep spa water free from bacteria and other pathogens. They’re available in various forms, such as tablets, granules, and sticks, each designed to dissolve at different rates to maintain a consistent level of sanitation.

pH Balancers

Maintaining the correct pH level (between 7.2 and 7.8) is essential for both water quality and the longevity of the spa’s components. pH increasers and decreasers are necessary supplies to adjust the water’s acidity or alkalinity, ensuring it remains gentle on the skin and protective of the spa equipment.

Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness Adjusters

Similar to pH balancers, these chemicals help stabilize the water chemistry. Total alkalinity acts as a buffer for the pH level, while calcium hardness affects the water’s softness or hardness. Proper levels prevent corrosion of spa components and scaling on surfaces. You can find out more at this link https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/is-your-spa-pool-water-clean.

Shock Treatments

Shock treatments oxidize contaminants such as perspiration, oils, and cosmetics, clearing the water of substances that sanitizers alone cannot eliminate. Regular use of non-chlorine or chlorine-based shock treatments keeps the water sparkling and odor-free.

Test Strips or Digital Testers

Regular testing of spa water is essential to monitor its chemical balance. Test strips or digital testers provide a quick and easy way to check levels of sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, guiding the necessary adjustments to water chemistry.

Cleaning and Filtration Supplies

Keeping the spa clean involves more than just chemical treatments. Physical cleaning supplies and proper filtration are equally important:


A high-quality filtration system is crucial for removing particulate matter from the water. Regular cleaning and periodic replacement of filter cartridges ensure efficient operation and clear water.

Skimmers and Net

Floating debris such as leaves, insects, and pollen can be quickly removed with a hand-held skimmer or net, preventing them from clogging the filter and affecting water quality.

Brush and Vacuum

We all know that algae and sediment can accumulate on the spa’s walls and floor. A soft-bristled brush and a spa vacuum can help remove these build-ups, keeping surfaces clean and non-slippery.

Comfort and Safety Accessories

Beyond maintenance, the spa experience can be significantly enhanced with accessories that add comfort, convenience, and safety:

Spa Cover

A durable, insulated spa cover is essential for keeping out debris, maintaining water temperature, and ensuring safety when the spa is not in use. Covers also reduce evaporation and chemical use, making them an environmentally and economically wise investment. Find out more here.

Steps and Handrails

For ease of access and to prevent slips and falls, sturdy steps and handrails are important, especially for those with mobility issues or small children.

Seats and Cushions

Adjustable spa seats and cushions provide enhanced comfort for users of different heights, ensuring a relaxing experience for everyone.

Aromatherapy Products

Spa-safe aromatherapy products can elevate the sensory experience, promoting relaxation and well-being. Essential oil blends designed for spa use can be added to the water or to an aromatherapy dispenser if the spa is equipped with one.


LED lights or floating spa lights can transform the spa environment in the evenings, creating a tranquil or festive atmosphere depending on the occasion.

Entertainment and Leisure Accessories

Adding entertainment and leisure accessories to a spa session can make it feel truly luxurious. They can turn a simple soak into a memorable escape. All of these accessories are there to make your time at the spa more enjoyable and luxurious, and to set the mood for total relaxation.

Floating Tables and Bars

For those who enjoy snacks or drinks while relaxing in their spa, floating tables and bars are perfect. They provide a stable surface for beverages and small plates, ensuring that refreshments are easily accessible without having to leave the comfort of the water. These accessories can be especially valuable during social gatherings, allowing hosts and guests to enjoy the spa without interruptions.

Waterproof Playing Cards and Game Boards

Entertainment in the spa isn’t limited to digital devices. Waterproof playing cards and game boards offer a fun way to engage with family and friends while soaking. These specially designed games resist water damage and float, making them ideal for a leisurely game in the spa.

Spa Projector and Screen

For the ultimate entertainment experience, a waterproof projector and screen can be set up to watch movies, sports, or television shows right from the spa. This setup creates an outdoor cinema experience that combines relaxation with entertainment, making it perfect for movie nights under the stars.

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