What Software is Commonly Used With EEG?

Software is Commonly Used With EEG
Software is Commonly Used With EEG

EEG or electroencephalography is a non-invasive neuroimaging technique that measures and records the brain’s electrical activity. EEG is most commonly used in clinical neurology, neuropsychiatry, neurofeedback and cognitive enhancement, marketing and consumer research, sports and many more.

However, the data collected through EEG requires software for processing, analysing and interpreting the data. There are numerous software used with EEG. However, AI EGG software is the best solution because it provides 100% accurate analysis almost every time. If you are looking for EEG software, in the following blog, we will discuss the essential features of EEG software solutions in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

1: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Algorithm:

The software used with EEG must have AI-enabled algorithms to enhance the accuracy of processing and interpreting EEG data. AI algorithms facilitate the real-time processing of EEG data, which is crucial for applications such as brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and neurofeedback systems.

2: Hyper Scanning Capabilities:

The EEG software must also have hyperscanning capabilities that involve simultaneously recording brain activity from multiple individuals while they interact with each other. This feature provides insights into the neural dynamics underlying social interactions and communications.

3: A Comfortable EEG Headwear:

A comfortable EEG headwear is very crucial for a great user experience. It will ensure accurate data collection and can be used for a prolonged period if one is using it for research, clinical assessment, and consumer neurotechnology. EEG neurofeedback is widely used for cognitive research and assessment. Therefore, a comfortable headgear is very essential for prolonged use.

4: Lab Streaming Layer Support:

Lab streaming layer (LSL) support helps in the unified data transmission in a research and analysis environment. When LSL is integrated into EEG software, it enhances its data streaming, sharing and synchronisation capabilities.

5: Software Development Kit (SDK) Support:

When SDK supports the EEG software for multiple programming languages, it enhances the flexibility and accessibility of the software. It is crucial that when you are looking for EEG software, you must choose one that has SDK support for the most optimal user experience.


EGG provides valuable insights into brain functions, helping researchers and clinicians understand the neural dynamics of the brain and helps diagnose disorders and develop solutions. It is also used in sports to detect abnormalities in athletes who suffer injuries and in marketing to understand consumer preference and emotional response to a product and advertisement. However, when you choose software, ensure it has all the features mentioned above for the best user experience.

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