Top 7 Web Design Secrets for Captivating London Audiences: A Creato Masterclass

Web Design Secrets
Web Design Secrets

In a competitive market like London, where 1.04 million businesses are located, how do you create a distinct and unique identity? Your website’s design.

While you may have a strong offline presence amongst the businesses in London, crafting a unique identity is also important. That’s where your website design can play an important role. There are too many directions your website design could venture in to get your business registered into the minds of your customers.

Great website design translates to functionality and improved user experience. But is that all? No. That’s why this article brings you the top seven secrets of website design by a professional web design agency in London, Creato. Navigate this article to understand how experts at Creato create compelling websites to capture the attention of users.

7 Web Design Secrets Capturing the Attention of Businesses in London

Here are the top seven web design secrets you can’t miss if you want to establish a strong business presence in London:

Functional Navigation for the Win

Around 38% of customers look out for navigational links and site layout when they first visit a website. So, functional navigation is like a prime function for the website. Websites that are easy to navigate draw more customer attention while reducing bounce rates.

Integrating functional navigation in the website allows the visitors to find the right information. Moreover, an organized design keeps your visitors on the page for a longer time.

Maintaining Consistency Throughout

Apart from the website navigation being consistent, the overall appeal should be consistent. In this regard, it is important to be mindful of the colour scheme, font, background and tonality of the content.

Maintaining consistency across the pages has a positive impact on user experience and usability. However, it is also important that you understand the purpose of the page so that a particular layout can be planned for that.

Focusing on User-Centricity

Your web design should be user-friendly. After all, it’s for the users that you’re designing the website. In order to design user-centric websites, it’s crucial to run a few user tests and gather feedback from them.

If you don’t have any target audience to review the user-friendliness of the website design, there are online tools that would do that for you. Furthermore, consistency, navigation and credibility can make up for key factors to establish the user-friendliness of web design in London.

Boosting Simplicity with Responsiveness

According to GoodFirms, around 73.1% of web designers believe that the non-responsiveness of website designs is the main reason why visitors leave the website. Thus, while you focus on user experience through simple designs, it is also important to make the websites responsive.

A responsive web design ensures that the website successfully loads across all devices because of its flexible structure. Professional designers usually opt for mobile-friendly HTML templates to create responsive websites for all devices. The best part is having a responsive design ensures that it looks identical on all devices.

Design with Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy is extremely important in design principles as it helps to put forth the content in an appropriate manner. The application of hierarchy correctly draws the user’s attention to the website. Focusing on the visual hierarchy is important to the placement of visual elements.

Establishing a visual hierarchy across the web pages ensures that customers are able to find the right information. It is advisable to opt for a slideshow to create maximum impact while creating contrast for customer attention.

Get Over Stocky and Ambiguous Images

Your website design is meant to convey your brand values, which often get lost when you’re using stock images or complicated terms. Your audience possibly has an attention span of eight seconds, and that’s all the time you have to clarify to them what your business is about. If your web design isn’t able to clear that, you lose business.

Rather than using stock images for your web design, use professional headshots of your team. This touch of personalisation allows the website visitors to connect with you. Moreover, you shouldn’t be using long and complex terms, either. After all, the more you simplify it, the longer your audience is going to stay.

Maintain Minimalism on the Homepage

Since your website’s main aim is to communicate the core brand message, it should be clutter-free with minimal elements. Website designs should have easy-to-remember content so that the visitors can evaluate and process the content.

Maintaining space between the content with a strong CTA can foster memorability. Designing a memorable and presentable modern website often grabs the attention of the user. As a result, they take the necessary actions (click on a particular page, sign up for newsletters, buy a product, or convert to a customer)that you intend them to do.

Final Words

Your website’s design is a very important part of your business in London. It’s one of those elements that will help you establish a presence from Bishopsgate to Central London. Creating a professional and custom website design as per your brand’s goals and identity brings you the results that you’d expect. With the award-winning team of Creato by your side, you’ll get the designs that you can’t miss out on! Contact them to know more.

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