Understanding Salesforce Health Cloud: Transforming Patient Care

Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Health Cloud

The world-renowned provider of cloud-based software solutions offers a specialized platform designed to revolutionize the healthcare industry – the Salesforce Health Cloud. It’s a comprehensive and adaptable solution built to connect the patient and provider in a previously unattainable way. Its robust set of features redefines how healthcare professionals deliver care, thus promoting a truly patient-centric healthcare model. This article will dive deep into what Salesforce Health Cloud offers and how it can potentially transform the healthcare landscape.

Salesforce Health Cloud: A Comprehensive Overview

Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient-centric, data-driven platform designed to offer personalized, comprehensive care to patients. A product of Salesforce, a leading name in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the Health Cloud seamlessly connects doctors, patients, and care teams, enabling them to deliver superior healthcare experiences.

Main Features of Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud boasts a wealth of features:

Unified Patient View

The Salesforce Health Cloud delivers a unique feature known as a Unified Patient View. This feature offers a comprehensive 360-degree overview of each patient, combining various data from different sources. This includes clinical data, like health records, diagnoses, and treatments, and demographic information, such as age, gender, location, and lifestyle factors. It also captures the patient’s communication preferences, such as their preferred methods and times for contact.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Unified Patient View also considers social determinants of health, which are conditions in the environments where people live, learn, work, play, worship, and age, affecting a wide range of health and quality-of-life outcomes. By accessing such a broad spectrum of data, healthcare providers can understand their patients holistically, making it possible to provide more personalized, efficient, and effective care.

Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Health Cloud

Personalized Care Plans

Another feature of Salesforce Health Cloud is the creation of Personalized Care Plans. These are tailored care strategies designed to meet each patient’s unique needs. By utilizing the extensive data collected through the Unified Patient View, healthcare providers can construct highly personalized care plans. These plans can consider each patient’s specific conditions, needs, and goals, ensuring that they receive the most appropriate and effective care for their situation. This leads to improved patient outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction, as patients receive care that is truly designed around them.

Collaborative Care

Salesforce Health Cloud also fosters Collaborative Care. It connects all the stakeholders involved in a patient’s care – including caregivers, family members, health providers, and even patients – on a single platform. This approach ensures that everyone involved in a patient’s care journey has a holistic understanding of the patient’s health status, treatment plan, and needs.

This level of collaboration facilitates coordinated care, where every healthcare team member is on the same page, reducing the chance of miscommunication or overlooked information. As a result, the patient receives more consistent, comprehensive care, improving the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

Secure Messaging

Communication is key in healthcare, and the Salesforce Health Cloud recognizes this by incorporating Secure Messaging into its platform. This feature supports HIPAA-compliant messaging, meaning it meets the stringent security standards set out by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA in the US).

Secure Messaging allows for safe and confidential communication between patients and caregivers. Patients can ask questions, express concerns, and share information without worrying about compromised privacy. This encourages open lines of communication, fostering a stronger patient-caregiver relationship and promoting better health outcomes.

How Salesforce Health Cloud Can Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs For Your Industry

By optimizing patient care and streamlining operational processes, Health Cloud is a powerful tool that can significantly improve outcomes and lower costs in your industry.


Salesforce Health Cloud enables healthcare providers to truly put the patient at the center of their care. Providers are equipped with a comprehensive view of their patients by connecting various data points such as clinical data, social determinants of health, and patient preferences. This can enable them to deliver more efficient care and improve health outcomes. By ensuring that every facet of a patient’s health and lifestyle is considered, providers can offer a more personalized, effective, and empathetic healthcare experience.


The Salesforce Health Cloud can simplify member benefits and lower operational costs for payers. The platform provides tools to automate health business workflows, streamlining the member journey from enrollment to service to care management. Payers can minimize administrative errors and redundancies by automating various processes, delivering a smoother and more efficient experience for their members.


The pharmaceutical industry can also greatly benefit from Salesforce Health Cloud. The platform enables pharma companies to scale patient-centric experiences across their organization. It allows them to deliver personalized patient and provider engagement and support programs while accelerating R&D innovation on a connected platform. By facilitating the delivery of patient-centric services, pharma companies can better meet the needs of their patients and healthcare providers while also promoting the development of new, innovative treatments.


MedTech companies can use Salesforce Health Cloud to manage commercial processes, build provider relationships, and engage with patients more efficiently, competently, and personally. By providing tools to manage relationships and processes better, Salesforce Health Cloud can help reduce costs and improve sales transparency, helping MedTech companies to work more efficiently and deliver better patient outcomes.

Public Sector Health

In the public sector, Salesforce Health Cloud can help government health organizations put their community at the center of their healthcare experience. The platform provides tools to complete case worklists and collaborate across teams with a centralized platform and advanced triage. This way, public sector health organizations can better engage their beneficiaries, patients, and residents, delivering a more coordinated and comprehensive service that meets the specific needs of their communities.

Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Health Cloud

Transforming Patient Care: The Power of Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is revolutionizing patient care in many ways:

  • It makes patient data more accessible and manageable, thus speeding up diagnosis and treatment processes.
  • With a real-time, holistic view of the patient, it promotes personalized care.
  • It simplifies communication between patients and healthcare providers, making care more timely and efficient.

Health Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Health Cloud offers two primary pricing tiers, targeting the specific needs of healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Enterprise Package

The Enterprise package is designed to provide an out-of-the-box CRM solution for healthcare and life sciences. This package caters to those looking for a robust, ready-to-use CRM system without extensive customization.

The cost of the Enterprise package is $300 USD per user per month. Please note that the pricing is based on an annual billing cycle.


  • Some of the main features of the Enterprise Package include:
  • Comprehensive patient File
  • Care program management
  • Health Cloud Console
  • Social Determinants Health
  • Digital Engagement
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Mobile Access

Unlimited Package

The Unlimited package offers unlimited CRM power and support for organizations looking for a more comprehensive solution. This package is perfect for businesses that require more flexibility, power, and support.

The Unlimited Package costs $450 USD per user per month, again based on an annual billing cycle.


  • The Unlimited Package includes all the features of the Enterprise Package, plus:
  • Complete access to Health Cloud Plus Features
  • 24/7 support and configuration services
  • Unlimited online training
  • Round-the-clock access to Knowledge Base, Trailhead, Webinars, Events, and more.

Remember, choosing the right package depends largely on your organization’s specific needs. Consider your operational requirements, budget, and plans before deciding.

Why You Need a Salesforce Implementation Partner

While Salesforce Health Cloud is a powerful tool, implementing it can be challenging. That’s where a Salesforce Implementation Partner comes into play. They guide you through the setup and configuration process, ensuring the platform is tailored to your needs.

Moreover, they train your staff, helping them understand the platform and utilize its full potential. With a Salesforce Implementation Partner, you can make the most of Salesforce Health Cloud and offer patient care that truly stands out.

Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Health Cloud

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In Conclusion

The Salesforce Health Cloud is more than just a tool for managing health data. It’s a platform that empowers healthcare providers to deliver more personalized, efficient, and proactive care. By breaking down data silos, enhancing collaboration, harnessing the power of AI, and putting patients at the center of their care, Salesforce Health Cloud is transforming the healthcare landscape for the better. With such innovative technology, healthcare providers can look forward to a future where patient care is truly personalized and data-driven.

Collaborating with a Salesforce Implementation Partner such as eClouds can significantly impact the success of your Salesforce customization endeavors. eClouds expertise, experience, and support can assist you in unlocking the full potential of Salesforce, offering personalized solutions that increase efficiency, user adoption, and a greater return on investment.

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