Popular War Movie Characters in Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies
Hollywood Movies

War movies fascinate everybody and add more to your Memorial Day celebrations if you want to show a war movie to your family during a movie night. These movies have some iconic characters who add more flavor and action in movies. For instance, you can have a look at the different movies like The Patriot, Hunt for Red October, Battleship, and so on. 

Besides this, you can have a look at the other war movies and other iconic characters to make your Memorial Day celebrations more memorable for you this year. Some of these movies and war movie characters are listed below.

Alan Turing

Movie: The Imitation Game

Portrayed by: Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch’s depiction in the movie, “The Imitation Game”, is one of the remarkable portrayals of a historic figure who changed the course of the war for England and the Allies. In the movie, he is shown as somebody with a high-end intellect and ambition to do something good for himself and the country. But he was a difficult person to work with. 

When he was designing the Enigma, he fired the other people working on the team and wanted to work with someone as intelligent as he was.

For instance, he worked with Joan Clarke, who was a mathematician and cryptanalyst, and got into a relationship with her. He got engaged to her and revealed her sexuality to her. Both of them stayed and worked together until Turing committed suicide. 

Lt. Aldo Raine

Movie: Inglorious Basterds

Portrayed by: Brad Pitt

Aldo Raine is shown in the movie’s opening scene talking to soldiers and tells them that he wants 8 Jewish-American soldiers who share the same vision as him. He wanted to kill Nazis and considered that to be his and his team’s sole purpose throughout the campaign. He is known as Apache because of his technique of scalping Nazis just like the American Indians used to cut off the scalp from dead Nazi’s heads. 

Aldo also had marks and wounds on his neck, which might be caused due to lynching. This might be one of the reasons that he was bitter, extra grim, and one of the toughest soldiers. Use Spectrum Charlotte to watch some amazing moments from the movie on YouTube and other streaming services. 

Captain Miller

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Portrayed by: Tom Hanks

In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, Captain Miller is portrayed marvelously by Tom Hanks. He is shown as a 34-year-old American of the 2nd Rangers Battalion of the US Army during World War II. The movie did not discuss much about his life before the war other than that he was an English teacher at the Thomas Alva Edison High School located in Pennsylvania. He was also the coach of the local baseball team. 

He served for some time in Tunisia, Africa, and was also there during the Battle of Kasserine Pass in the year 1942/43. His men thought that he was a mysterious man and saw his right hand shaking uncontrollably due to unknown reasons. It might be possible that it is because he was suffering from PTSD which remained as a secret from his men, but not from Horvath. 

During his quest to retrieve and send James Ryan home, he made sure that he stays alive at all costs and used to coach him to stay alive and well in many instances. This is why he remembers him when the movie begins and ends. 

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The American cinema has always provided some outclass movies and the most iconic war movie characters to the audience. They not only added more life to the script but also provided the best entertainment to the fans who watch these movies and some epic moments of the movies on YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming channels/services.

You can watch the characters mentioned above and many others from movies like American Sniper, The Thin Red Line, Behind Enemy Lines, 13 Hours, Lone Survivor, and other classic war movies for the American Cinema. 

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