How to Publish a Book as a First-Time Author

Publish a Book as a First-Time Author
Publish a Book as a First-Time Author

It is every writer’s dream to be able to publish and put their work out for everyone to read. It is an experience like no other to see people reading and talking about your book. If you are a new author looking to publish your first work, here is a guide to help you put out your maiden book in front of everyone to enjoy.

Steps of Publishing a Book

Decide How You Want to Publish

Well-established writers have the luxury of choosing from several different avenues for publishing their books. First-time authors may have to rely on self-publishing instead of a traditional one. If you are a new author who decides on self-publishing a book, you’ll be putting your work out there on your own as an ebook, audiobook, or print on demand.

Proofread and Edit Carefully

When you finish authoring your book, it is crucial to edit and proofread your work carefully before getting it published. A book is not a blog that you can edit after publishing it. So, it makes sense to put your best efforts into proofreading and editing it.

You can use the help of other members of your writing community, who can read it as beta readers. A fresh set of eyes can notice the errors you missed while proofreading or editing. While they may sift out the irregularities in your upcoming book, they’ll also give you a fresh perspective regarding your work.

If you are self-publishing your book, seek the help of a professional editor. Although the services of a seasoned editor may cost you a fortune, they are worth the price. An editor will not only fix syntax and spelling errors but also check your story for plot holes and fix its pacing.

Find the Right Title

The title can affect your book sales because it is the first thing potential buyers will see. You may have a title in mind when writing a book, but do some market research before finalizing the title of your first book.

Design the Book Cover

The cover of your first book can work as a salesperson for the audience. A good book cover can develop the interest of people, build trust, alter customer perception, and increase sales.

Traditional publishing houses will design the cover for book authors. However, if you are self-publishing a book, you may need to outsource the services of a book cover designer.

Check Formatting

Various self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP and Lulu have set guidelines and formatting requirements that publishers must follow. These are specific requirements that include guidelines regarding alignments, fonts, indentations, and much more. Carefully read the requirements of the platform you select for publishing your first book and follow them.

Manually formatting your book can feel like a bit of a hassle, so first-time authors can use an app like JotterPad for formatting.

How You Can Publish a Book if You’re Not a Writer

So, you have a great story idea, but you are not a writer or don’t have time to pursue the writing journey. But you want to embark upon the path of publishing a book and see your story idea come to life. In that case, you can outsource the services of a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter is a person you can hire to write your book. However, you will be credited with all the work because the idea is yours, and you will pay the author for their time.

How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost?

Freelance writers may charge you for ghostwriting services by the word, by the hour, or by the project. If you pay by the word or by the project, you’ll have a clear idea of the cost. However, if you hire someone on an hourly basis, it won’t be easy to predict the exact amount you’ll be paying.

Like other trades, the hourly rate of a ghostwriter varies according to their level of skill and experience. You will find freelance ghostwriters on online marketplaces who charge between $20 and $90 (£15 and £70) per hour for their work.

How You Can Find a Ghostwriter for Your First Book

When finding someone to narrate your story as a ghostwriter, you need to be careful that your story plot doesn’t get stolen. There is always a chance that someone with good writing skills can write your story and publish it with their name.

So, you need to find someone who is a good author, won’t steal your story plot, and works discreetly. Here’s how you can select a suitable ghostwriter who would understand your vision and bring your ideas to life.

Online Marketplaces

You can hunt for a ghostwriter at freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork, Crowd Content, and Fiverr. Thankfully, these marketplaces allow you to sort and filter the writers’ profiles according to the ratings they have received. You can also read the reviews from previous customers to be sure that a ghostwriter is the best fit for your requirements.


Many ghostwriters have published websites and social media profiles featuring their work. So, google your requirements and choose a prolific writer by checking reviews and ratings. To find the right ghostwriter, you can try typing different queries in Google, such as “hire a ghostwriter in the UK”.


There are some ghostwriting agencies that can connect you with a reliable ghostwriter. However, you may not have many options as their pool of writers is much smaller than that of online marketplaces.


LinkedIn is another great source to look for a ghostwriter. You can sift through various profiles and shortlist some after reading about their work experience and recommendations.

Where You Shouldn’t Look For Ghostwriters

You may be tempted to visit job sites to find ghostwriters for your first book. Although you can find an author at cheaper rates through these websites, we won’t recommend it. If they cheat you out of your story idea, you won’t have the backup of a marketplace or agency agreement.

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