Wildcard SSL Certificate: A Cost Effective Option For Subdomains’ Security

Wildcard SSL certificate is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way of securing your domain and all sub-domains. This blog covers the technical nitty-gritties of SSL certificates, the bright side of wildcard SSL certificates, and the minute details of how to secure your website with the certificate. So, without much ado, let us dive into what and why of an SSL certificate.

Why Is SSL Mandatory for Your Website?

Ask any cybersecurity expert to tell you about an SSL certificate. The most probable answers will include: “SSL is the backbone of internet security,” “SSL is the most standard security protocol every webmaster should have.” From this, it is clear that any webmaster who cares about their website must get an SSL certificate.

The SSL (an abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a security protocol that allows for encrypted communications and ensures safe browser-server transactions. Through encryption, the certificate is well-positioned to protect the website against eavesdroppers and prying eyes. In addition, the certificate uses a cryptography technique to protect sensitive data and information. These days, hackers are after anything and everything, which is why every component, resource, and data on your website should be secured even using an SSL certificate.

Furthermore, the SSL certificate plays a significant role in establishing user trust, boosting your websites’ ranks in search engines, and conversion rates. So, the certificate is a multifaceted security tool you should never miss on your website.

Wildcard SSL Certificate and How It works

Knowing that you need an SSL certificate is one thing but knowing which SSL is suitable for your website is another. Unfortunately, today, the market is flooded with many certificates, some with mediocre functionalities, and some from unexceptional providers who are after making money and not prioritizing security. But a wildcard SSL certificate can be an excellent performer on your website when installed and configured right.

Unlike single domain certificates that only cover one domain and one subdomain, the wildcard certificate will cover one domain and all other first-level subdomains falling under the main domain. It means that you will be able to secure unlimited subdomains over unlimited servers with just one certificate.

Suppose you are a webmaster who has decided to divide your website into so many subdomains that each section looks different or plays a distinct function. In that case, you do not have to purchase a single-domain certificate for every section, all you require is to buy wildcard SSL certificate, and everything else will fall in line.

The certificate authority issuing the wildcard certificate will include a wildcard character represented by an asterisk key (*) in the host’s name. The asterisk key represents the unlimited subdomains the wildcard is bound to protect. For example, suppose you want to acquire a wildcard certificate for yoursite.com. In that case, the wildcard could apply to all first-level subdomains such as blog.yoursite.com, mail.yoursite.com, any.yoursite.com, etc.

Why Wildcard SSL Certificate?

There are three significant benefits that you will get by using a Wildcard SSL certificate. The following are the benefits of using a wildcard SSL certificate.

Wildcard Certificates provides Security for Unlimited Subdomains

Security for unlimited subdomains is the first significant benefit of a wildcard SSL certificate. We all have seen the decay in the internet environment as hackers try every available technique to lay their hands on internet resources. We have heard and read reports of how the surging cases of data breaches threaten the internet. Although there are many ways we can use to mitigate the menace, the SSL certificate is the most cost-effective way of protecting our website data from cybersecurity threats. And as we have already stated, a wildcard SSL certificate will cover unlimited subdomains. It matters not the type of wildcard SSL certificate you use; even the low priced or cheapest wildcard SSL certificate could be a great security asset to your eCommerce website as it will save your budget.

  • Easy Certificate Management

Imagine the scenario where you are using single domain certificates to secure one hundred subdomains. That can be a real headache. First, you will have to buy SSL certificates for each of your subdomains; then, you will have to get your CA to issue the certificates, which is quite a procedure. Then, you will have to install and configure the certificates differently and start worrying about keeping up with certificate renewals dates.

But things are different with wildcard SSL certificate. Here, you need a single certificate for all first-level subdomains. It means that you will have to buy wildcard certificate, install, and configure the certificate and do one renewal. How easy could that be! To save yourself from the management hurdles of several certificates, you must start considering buying a wildcard SSL certificate.

  • Affordability

Again, imagine a scenario where you buy one hundred certificates for all your one hundred subdomains. How expensive could that be? The cost of doing business will be extremely high, especially when you are a startup, and eventually, you will want to do away with the certificates to minimize the costs. You know what that does to the security of your website. Whether you cover one subdomain or five hundred subdomains, the price for wildcard certificates can never change. Now, think about the money you will save by purchasing a wildcard SSL certificate.

Wrapping It Up

With the exponential surge of data breaches, we are witnessing, it is only safe that you acquire and install an SSL certificate for your website. Most people fear purchasing the certificates because they are expensive. However, that is not the case. With an option of low priced, you can buy cheapest Wildcard SSL certificate, which can help you to secure your main domain and all it’s sub-domains.

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