Top 5 Beyblades You Can Buy in 2024


A timeless favorite since the late 2000s, Beyblades continue to captivate enthusiasts. The enduring appeal lies not only in their cherished status but also in their collectible value. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or a fierce competitor seeking the perfect spinner, our list of 2024’s top Beyblades caters to both aesthetic preferences and combat prowess.

Explore our selection to find the ideal addition to your collection or the ultimate contender for battle domination.

What are Beyblades?

Unlike traditional spinning tops, Beyblades are sleek, aggressive toys designed for high-stakes battles. No longer just child’s play, these compact tops boast a rich history dating back to ancient Japan. Crafted with precision from plastic, metal, and rubber, today’s Beyblades are finely engineered devices featuring layered designs with specialized features for attack, defense, or stamina.

They rise above mere toys, becoming collectibles and a global phenomenon, captivating enthusiasts of all ages. Beyblade competitions offer a physical, strategic alternative to video games, satisfying the human desire for battle and victory. From neighborhood fun to worldwide tournaments, Beyblades have evolved into an engaging and educational activity blending physics and play.

What are Beyblade Types?

Beyblades offer diverse options: attack, stamina, defense, and balance.

Attack types boast a flat tip for increased mobility and impact in battles yet suffer a faster speed reduction. Unpredictable moments arise from irregularly distributed forge disc weight and a serrated energy layer for gripping opponents.

On the other hand, defense types prioritize weight to mitigate impacts, featuring a round, smooth energy layer and a tip with a ball-bearing system for stability.

Stamina types opt for a thin tip to reduce friction, maintaining rotation speed. Evenly spread forge disc weight ensures stability.

Lastly, balance types combine features from all, offering versatility with customizable elements.

Top 5 Beyblades for 2024

Bellejui B-169 Starter Variant Lucifer .Mb 2D

For a standout addition to your Beyblade collection with exceptional defense, consider the BelleJiu B-169 Starter Variant Lucifer. This Korean-manufactured Takara Tomy brand boasts a forcefield-like self-defense feature with 6 extending blades, ensuring top-tier defense during battles. As a two-in-one Beyblade, it transforms from a defense to an attack style after enduring numerous battles.

Marketed as BelleJui or Takara Tomy, these metal Beyblades feature a metal ball tip, heavy metal core, and a 2D defense-type double chassis for weight-based defense. The unique blade design, coupled with a Mobius driver, offers intelligent defense in the arena. Despite a potential stamina decrease from the double chassis, this Beyblade excels in combining power and defense, making Starter Variant Lucifer a formidable choice.


  • Comes with a well-crafted sparking launcher
  • Features several interchangeable components
  • Easily transitions from defensive to offensive modes
  • Unique gimmick involves a protective barrier projecting out while spinning


  • Requires an improvement in plastic quality
  • The substantial, weighty design lacks sufficient stamina

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-148 Heaven Pegasus

The B-148 Pegasus top is a robust stamina Beyblade from Takara Tomy, known for its durability and superior construction. Compared to Hasbro-ified counterparts, Takara Tomy tops are sturdier and historically more successful in battles.

Balanced around a potent core, the B-148 maintains speed without significant power loss to friction or rival tops. Despite vulnerability to powerful attack types, its finely honed metallic tip ensures precision balance. The Beyblade Burst line adds defense mechanisms, allowing it to absorb attacks and maintain structural integrity.

While the Heaven Pegasus features aesthetically pleasing yellow wings, they contribute more to appearance than practicality. The B-148’s low driver may lead to knockouts against weaker opponents, but its enduring nature makes it a solid choice for prolonged battles, excelling in balance, strength, and hit absorption.


  • Balanced performance
  • Resilient against assaults
  • Comes with a precision tip


  • The low-riding driver may not consistently succeed

Beyblade Driger S And Dragoon F Spinning Top

For an electrifying encounter, opt for Burst Beyblades. These tops can split into two pieces during battle, earning extra points for the winner. Achieving a burst requires a robust, impactful strike, making a solid offense essential.

For beginners, the Driger S and Dragoon F set is recommended. You can personalize your Burst Beyblade with interchangeable components according to your liking.


  • Customizable with interchangeable parts
  • Enhanced dynamism for a thrilling experience
  • Compatibility with other Beyblades


  • Bursting performance may vary

Beyblade Burst Pro Series Soul Balkesh Spinning Top Starter Pack

If you lean toward Beyblades, taking a versatile approach to battle, the Soul Balkesh suits you perfectly. This top offers a balanced blend of defensive design choices and dynamic offensive configurations. For those torn between full-on offense or solid defense, the optimal solution lies in something that adeptly covers both realms. The Soul Balkesh adeptly fills that balanced niche in your Beyblade arsenal, delivering a superb combination of offensive prowess and defensive resilience. Its only drawback lies in not surpassing in either category.


  • Solid offense
  • Effective defense
  • Visually striking


  • Doesn’t stand out in any particular aspect

Beyblade Burst Speedstorm Triumph Dragon D6

The top-tier choice for Beyblade enthusiasts, whether beginners, collectors, or competitors, is Hasbro’s stickerless Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Triumph Dragon D6. Featuring the Dragon D6 top layer sans stickers, it boasts exceptional speed, endurance, and heavy-metal hit performance.

Despite a slight destabilizing effect, it delivers formidable attack power. The right-spinning Triumph, equipped with a TSP09-M top layer and D10 metal disk, battles with a heavy-metal driver for superior strength. Complete with a launcher, it’s perfect for beginners and collectors and is a must-have for Hasbro fans, offering high-speed, head-to-head action in both physical and digital realms.


  • Features an elevated driver for enhanced speed
  • Engages in both tangible and virtual skirmishes via a scan code and Beyblade Burst App
  • Boasts the TSP09 heavy metal hit performance tip
  • Comes complete with a launcher


  • The D10 disc deviates from a fused-type design, resembling the 2015-style armed disk
  • Devoid of stickers, opting for painted details instead

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