5 Smart Storage Solutions to Combat Clutter

Smart Storage Solutions to Combat Clutter
Smart Storage Solutions to Combat Clutter

No one likes dealing with clutter. There’s nothing more annoying than putting up with piles of books, magazines, and belongings that take up unnecessary space in the house. Apart from making your home look messy, clutter is also bad for your mental health. You may feel suffocated, trapped, and, in extreme cases, claustrophobic if there are too many things around you, with essentially less space to move.

Your house should feel comfortable and warm. If these two fundamental factors are missing from your home, you may feel an overwhelming urge to escape. However, in this economy, where housing prices are skyrocketing, you’re lucky if you have an abode in Shreveport, Louisiana. The city is more affordable than any other central metro area. So, instead of entirely shifting houses in search of a better environment, why not focus on making your house feel homey again? Here are some smart storage solutions to help you get started!

1: Utilize Storage Units

The best way to declutter is to temporarily store large items, valuable belongings, or simply anything that you don’t frequently use but would not like to part ways with in a storage unit.

The weather in Shreveport is generally warm. However, the summers are hot and humid. Therefore, it’s important to select storage units that are climate-controlled. Browse through Shreveport self storage unit options to find the best one for your needs. When you’re happy with the dimensions and the specifications, simply shift all your infrequently used items to the storage unit.

2: Donate

It is common for your house to have more things than you need. So, you must get rid of unneeded items instead of holding onto them. One great way to go about this process is by donating. Go through your belongings and pick out things that you haven’t used in a while or are still brand new but you have no use for them.

For instance, if you have too many clothes, arrange them into piles so that you can separate what you wear and what you can give away. However, ensure that the clothing you plan on donating is in usable condition. If the clothes are worn out, torn, or far too outdated to be used by anyone, discard or repurpose them.

Apply the same rule for other items like toys and furniture. Anything you haven’t used in a while should be passed on. If you have two of the same appliances, give one away and keep the other. Donating items that are of no use to you can help free up some room. Once you have ample space in your house, you can start organizing your belongings properly.

3: Create Storage Space

If you’re nifty with DIY projects, you will have a grand time creating storage space. Shelves, beds, and even walls can be converted into multifunctional spaces. If you have shelves in your house that you’re not using, you can fit linen baskets into them and use them to store things like cleaners and products like shampoos or towels. Next, if your bathroom is small, introduce a shelf so that you can shift your belongings onto it instead of spreading everything on the sink.

Empty walls can be fitted with floating shelves. If you have a wall in the foyer or the kitchen that you can easily attach a shelf to, try converting it into storage space. If you have a high-rise bed, you can use the area beneath it to store things like bed sheets and pillow covers. There are numerous DIY storage projects that you can engage with. The idea behind them is to find any space in your house you’re not using and convert it into a neat storage area.

5: Use Suitcases

You can also go old school with storage and use suitcases to store your belongings instead of buying boxes. Suitcases are sturdy, big, and robust enough to hold all your possessions. Try to have a proper system in place when using suitcases to organize your belongings. This includes keeping one for all your old items like pictures, Christmas decorations, or frames, while another should hold all your clothes.

If you have children, you can also designate a suitcase for each of them so they can use it to store their belongings rather than letting them pile up in their room. But bear in mind, you should use the suitcases you have and not purchase new ones. When you run out of suitcases, look for other options like storage bins and closets. If you stock up on suitcases, you’ll end up creating another mess altogether.

5: Go Digital

In the 21st century, it’s best you start making use of technology. The need for a pen and paper is steadily decreasing, and you should do the same. If you want to make grocery lists or journal your thoughts, why not use an application instead of physically writing them down on paper?

You can also create digital albums rather than keeping copies of the same pictures. You can also combat clutter by canceling magazine subscription services and choosing to browse through them online. While it may not seem much, paper can quickly fill your shelves and drawers.

Final Thoughts

Clutter is a menace, and the best way to combat this situation is by becoming proactive in how you handle storage. No one likes dealing with a messy house, so your best line of defense is to steadily go through your belongings and eradicate what you don’t need.

You can start the process by shifting things into storage units, donating anything you don’t need, and creating places around the house that can help you store your possessions. While you don’t have to go completely minimalistic, it helps to cut down on what you own and work with what you want to keep. So, start decluttering and organizing right away!

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