Top 5 Best Alternatives to MX Toolbox: Why DNS Checker Reigns Supreme


In the dynamic landscape of modern business communication, reliable and efficient email delivery stands as a cornerstone for success. The quest for streamed line email management has led to the emergence of robust alternatives to traditional tools. The MX (Mail Exchange) records ensure seamless email delivery by specifying the mail servers responsible for receiving incoming messages.

By connecting to mail servers, verifying reverse DNS records, conducting Open Relay Checks, and measuring response time performance, the MX Record Lookup test becomes an all-encompassing solution for email administrators and network managers.

MX Toolbox has long been a go-to tool for many when managing your domain’s DNS records and ensuring smooth email communication. However, in the evolving technology world, it’s essential to explore alternatives offering enhanced features and functionality.

In this article, we’ll dig into the top five options for MX Toolbox and explain why the DNS Propagation Tool is preferable.

1: DNS Checker:

The DNS Checker Propagation Tool serves as an essential and highly effective alternative in the realm of DNS Management. It has established itself as a robust option, rivaling the functionalities of MX Toolbox. Through its array of features, users are granted a heightened level of control and precision in handling their DNS records, streamlining the process with remarkable efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Global DNS Checks: The DNS Propagation Tool boasts a list of over 100 global DNS servers, making it an invaluable asset for conducting international DNS checks.
  • Ease of Use and Precision: Conducting a DNS propagation lookup with the DNS Propagation Tool is a breeze. Users must enter the domain or hostname and select the desired DNS record type. The tool then provides real-time results, indicating whether or not the DNS records have been propagated.
  • Customization and Flexibility: One of the standout features of the DNS Propagation Tool is its flexibility. Users can add custom DNS servers to the tool, enhancing their control over the DNS lookup process.
  • Innovative Search Capabilities: The DNS Propagation Tool goes a step further by offering smart search capabilities. Users can check the DNS propagation status based on specific criteria, such as IP address, continent, or country.

2: intoDNS:

intoDNS is a valuable tool designed to assess the well-being and setup of DNS and mail servers. Its core purpose revolves around precisely examining the health and configuration of these critical components.

Developed by Elvsof, intoDNS offers both proprietary and free versions, making its features accessible to a wide user base. Users benefit from its ability to delve into various aspects, including custom nameservers, website audits, DNS evaluation, and mail server analysis. The tool’s straightforward interface and English language support contribute to its user-friendly nature. Garnering an average rating of 5, intoDNS stands as a dependable option in its domain, with 26 alternatives listed for those seeking versatile solutions for DNS and mail server assessment.

3: Netcore Email API (formerly Pepipost):

Reliable Transactional Email Infrastructure Netcore Email API, formerly known as Pepipost, introduces a cloud-based transactional email delivery infrastructure with a disruptive pricing model. Startups and brands benefit from a reliable, secure, and scalable platform that engages customers at precisely the right moments with tailored content. The choice between SMTP and HTTP empowers businesses to integrate transactional email capabilities seamlessly.

4: Intuit Mailchimp:

Elevating Email Marketing and Automations Mailchimp emerges as a dominant force in email marketing and automation. Trusted by over 12 million businesses, Mailchimp transforms emails into revenue-generating tools. Renowned brands such as TEDTalks, Shutterstock, and Boston Market rely on Mailchimp to convert their email campaigns into tangible results. With a focus on turning subscriber engagement into growth, Mailchimp is a testament to effective email deliverability.

5: is an intuitive and free online tool designed to simplify and expedite DNS lookup processes. This user-friendly platform offers a swift and effortless means to perform comprehensive DNS checks, ensuring efficient DNS propagation assessment for any domain. By leveraging DNS servers strategically positioned across numerous countries globally, grants users access to vital domain information from a diverse array of locations.

With, testing changes to new or existing domains becomes a seamless endeavor, eliminating the need for manual queries to remote servers. This invaluable feature provides instant insights into the global DNS resolution of DNS records for websites, emails, and other online services.

Best Alternative to MX Toolbox – DNS Checker:

As a superior alternative, DNS Checker excels by offering a comprehensive suite of tools for DNS, IP, and Email-related functions. It stands out through its innovative use of a map-based interface, which vividly presents propagation results, enhancing comprehension of geographical variations and potential concerns. The tool’s user-friendly design, complete with visual indicators like green ticks and red crosses, swiftly guides users in assessing their DNS modifications. Notably, DNS Checker goes a step further by allowing users to define anticipated IP address values, ensuring precise validation of DNS adjustments.

To sum up:

As technology evolves, embracing tools like the DNS Propagation Tool ensures you stay ahead of the curve and maintain seamless communication across the digital landscape. The valuable capability provides focused insights into website propagation across diverse regions, empowering users to make well-informed choices.

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