How to Edit A PDF File: The Available Methods

PDF File
PDF File

You’ve probably come across PDF files more than once. It is a very popular format for e-books, brochures, technical documents and various diagrams. Initially, PDF files are ready-made documents that you can view or print, but cannot edit. To make changes to a PDF document, you need special programs.

How to make a file in PDF format?

Most word processors (Word from MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc.) allows you to save the file in the PDF format. Be sure to also save the files in another format (proposed by your program, e.g. DOC or ODT) to be able to make any changes later. You cannot edit the PDF file – you must know how to make a PDF file editable to make changes.

Older versions of popular office suites do not save PDF (e.g. MS Office 2007 requires the installation of free add-on). In such a situation, you can install free programs that act as an additional printer and allow you to “print” a PDF file on your computer’s hard drive. If you must decide to do so, beware of viruses in free files of unknown origin. Or maybe it’s better to install the free and legal Adobe Acrobat or SwifDoo PDF? There are also free services available on the Internet for editing popular formats to PDF.

In these more complex cases, it is worth checking whether the document still looks as it should.

We also ask for PDF files for scans. Taking photos of documents with your phone is not a good idea – especially in situations such as recruitment.

Before sending us the files read your texts again – preferably in print, after a long break from writing – and make sure that there are no there are spelling mistakes and stupid typos in them.

Even the best candidate can harm himself with a sloppily written application.

Edit a PDF file with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is one of the best programs for working with PDF documents.

There are many solutions available that use OCR technology. You can download them under both commercial and free licenses. They also differ in their effectiveness in text recognition, as well as in the availability of additional functions – some even have translation functions. Which solution you choose depends primarily on your needs, expectations and financial possibilities.

With SwifDoo PDF, you can transfer the scanned content much faster while maintaining the original page layout and make the PDF files editable.

To edit the desired file, open it with SwifDoo PDF. To do this, click the Edit tag at the top of the screen, click the “Edit All” option.

Then select the text field you want to work with and confirm the action with the confirm options(Yes/No/Cancel) when you exit the current editing.

The SwifDoo PDF program also allows to remove the owner password to edit a PDF file, as well as encrypting it with an owner password.

Convert PDF to Word for editing

Changing the saving format from PDF to Word usually applies to files in which texts are placed. Converting can be done using available online applications or programs designed for this purpose on your computer. It is worth adding that converting files from PDF to Word and Word to PDF is not a problem due to the wide range of facilities available on the Internet.

To convert Word files to PDF, it is worth having the Microsoft Office Word application. It is a program for editing and creating text documents. This Word to PDF converter will certainly be useful for people who spend a lot of time writing. In addition, editing the format from PDF to Word is also possible.

For converting file formats from PDF to Word for free and online, we can also use the previously mentioned SwifDoo PDF program or its free online PDF converter tools.

To summarize

PDF files are essential in the world of business and education. They are commonly used to share documents, forms and manuals. However, editing a PDF file can be a challenge because it is a read-only document. Fortunately, there is a way to convert a PDF file into a Word document that you can easily edit.

Converting a PDF to other file formats to make it editable is a simple process that can be done using SwifDoo PDF or an online converter. Before converting a PDF file, you must unlock it for editing and copy the text you want to use in Word. You can also combine multiple PDF files into one document and encrypt it to protect against unauthorized access.

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