Five hidden secrets for creating eye-catching custom tote bags

custom tote bags
custom tote bags

Tote bags are always good. It’s simple and adaptable, and you can see someone with one over their shoulder almost anywhere. That’s why it’s a fantastic choice for making branded items from scratch. Many of your customers or clients might like receiving a bag, and its blank canvas and spacious inside make it easy to decorate whatever you choose.

But how can one draw attention to themselves? There are many tote bags, so how can you make yours sell out first? People who want to be associated with a brand carry branded bags.

Two methods are possible. Designing a bag people want to carry can boost your company’s visibility, even if you’re new. It’s worth risking and creating a unique offering to stand out.

Here are our top tote bag printing tips.

1. Make use of specialized inks

How about using ink that stands out as much as your unique design? has a variety of unique inks that will make your bag stand out. Metallic, shiny, fluorescent, and other special effects hues are among them. These inks work best when applied sparingly, such as in a small area of your design or just one corner of your bag. This adds a touch of subtlety while also drawing the eye.

2. Custom-dyed tote bag

The bag itself provides even another opportunity for creative reuse of your tote. Although the canvas tote is useful, a different color bag can add some color. This can be done two ways. You can choose from pre-made bag templates in various colors. If you want something unique, try custom tote bag printing.

3. Use CMYK color mode for printing

Tote bags are a perfect medium for the eye-catching effects that may be achieved via CMYK screen printing. In practice, this means your design will need to be broken up into four separate colors (which production staff may be able to help you with) and printed using four separate screens. A photo-realistic print may be made, or other effects can be applied.

4. Crafting an Embroidered Design

Although embroidery is often reserved for caps and uniforms, there’s no reason it couldn’t be utilized on a handy tote. This is a terrific method to give your bag some visual and textural variety, and may be used in place of or in addition to a printed pattern. Embroidery may be the best option if you want to add a logo or catchy message. Additionally, when considering materials for your custom tote bags, exploring high-quality leather options can add a touch of sophistication to your designs. Check out Stridewise for insightful reviews on the best leather briefcases for men, which might inspire unique and distinguished elements in your tote bag creations.

5. DTG printing

Although screen printing is more frequent, direct-to-garment printing (DTG) should be considered if you want to put a highly detailed or photorealistic design on your tote bags.

Do you want to design your own personalized tote bags? The Brother GTX printer is used in the Customnia print shop, and it is the gold standard for direct-to-garment printing. When printing your own Tote Bags, go for the best quality settings you can.

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