Enhance Writing and Learning: Tools for Secondary School Students

Secondary School
Secondary School

I was also once a secondary school student, and I know how hard it was to learn or write something. This is not only an issue that a bunch of students face but also the majority of them fall into this. It is because they don’t have a proper grip on writing and don’t learn properly from their mistakes.

So, while keeping these two main issues, writing and learning, I have come up with an easy solution that can help you. The solution is using some online free tools that can help you enhance your writing and learning.

If you are also curious to know about these online tools, then this post is for you. Here, I’m going to show you the five best and free online tools that can help secondary school students in their learning and writing.

5 Online Tools for Secondary School Students to Improve Their Writing & Learning

Here is the list of five best online tools that you can use to improve your learning and writing.

1: Paraphrasing.io

Paraphrasing.io is an online tool that can rephrase the text given by the user in an instant. It paraphrases the given text by swapping out its words with appropriate alternatives and altering the structure of its sentences. The tool is a freemium one and offers five different modes for paraphrasing.

Two of these modes can be used by free users while the other three are only available in the paid version of the tool. It also allows users to upload entire documents for paraphrasing directly from their device storage, which can save them time.

What makes this tool so good is the fact that it uses artificial intelligence to understand the given text and generate an accurate paraphrased version of it. Not only that, it is available to use in 17 different languages. This allows users all around the world to use it in their native language.

Since the tool paraphrases the given text and provides alternative ways to convey the same message, you can observe how it does that and try to practice doing it yourself. This way your writing skills will eventually improve.

2: Grammarcheck.ai

Grammarcheck.ai is another online tool that can review the content given by the user for mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Students can overlook these mistakes while writing and to fix them, they have to conduct an entire proofreading session.

Such sessions include carefully examining the text they’ve written for mistakes. This can take some time. To save some of it, they can use Grammarchek.ai. The tool works using artificial intelligence and is free to use.

It accurately highlights each type of grammar mistake. Not only that, if you click on the highlighted mistake, the tool provides suggestions on how you can fix it.

By using the tool to review the content they write, students can figure out what mistakes they’ve made and how they can fix them. This can give them a better understanding of grammar rules, leading to their writing skills being polished.

3: Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a unique online tool that can help students improve the readability of their writing. It works to analyze the input text and find any complex words, lengthy sentences, passive sentences, etc.

It is a fully free tool that secondary school students can use without paying for a subscription. Besides, if you are worried about the word limit, then don’t worry. You can even check readability in your lengthy essays, assignments, or any other write-ups.

The Hemingway App can help students enhance the readability of their writing and make it simple and easy to read. Besides, they can also learn more about readability with the help of this tool. For instance, if the student uses lengthy sentences in their writing, then with the help of this tool, they can break them into small sentences so that anyone can understand them quickly.

4: Google Docs

As the name indicates, this tool is developed by Google, which you can use for writing purposes. Google Docs allows students to work on their writing assignments with real-time collaboration and offers different helpful features.

It is a free online tool that doesn’t provide any premium version. For students, it is an all-in-one tool that can help students to complete writing their assignments or any other paper. However, this tool can’t help them in learning; as you can see, it is only for writing purposes.

Besides, Google Docs provides some unique in-built features that can help students to write better, unique, and error-free. For instance, you can use its spell-check feature to find any grammatical errors in the text. It’s like using Grammarly integrated with Google Docs.

5: Citation Machine

The last tool on the list that can help secondary school students is the Citation Machine. It is an online tool that allows students to create citations for their academic papers. Whether you are writing a journal, book, website content, essay, or assignment, this online tool can help you generate citations quickly.

It is also a freemium tool that students can also use for free. Students can generate citations for their work without paying for any subscription. For secondary school students, it is a great way to make their write-ups plagiarism-free and make it unique.

Besides, with the help of this online tool, students can learn about how to cite information in any specific format. For instance, there are multiple formats available, like APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, etc. So, if the teacher assigns them to cite text in APA style, they can use Citation Machine to do that.


In summary, these five free online tools provide valuable assistance to secondary school students in improving their writing and learning. They cover a range of essential aspects, from paraphrasing and grammar correction to readability and proper citation. By using these tools, students can enhance their writing skills and academic performance effectively.

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