5 Key Factors to Consider When Pursuing Your FNP Degree Online


Aspiring FNPs need to evaluate various factors when choosing an online graduate program. The key is to find a program with excellent coursework and top-tier clinical placements.

Students should consider whether to enroll in a full-time or part-time program. Generally, full-time programs require more classroom time and clinical hours per term or semester.


When selecting an online NP program, finding one with a top reputation among employers and peers is essential. This will ensure that your NP education is respected and that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your new career as an FNP.

Some NP programs offer a fully online curriculum, while others require onsite clinical internships. Those that offer fully online programs are great for nursing students who want to continue working full-time while completing their graduate degree.

Also, look for an online NP program that combines synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Synchronous instruction is a standard format for creating a more “classroom” experience, where students and instructors log on at scheduled times to participate in live discussions and lectures.


Online nursing programs use a variety of technological platforms to support students, instructors, and curriculum. These systems allow students to study at their own pace, spending more time on challenging concepts and moving more quickly through material they already understand.

Some family nurse practitioner online programs, like the MSN-FNP program at Youngstown State University, blend synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Students must abide by These programs’ specific lecture and discussion schedules, but most of their work is completed independently.

Other online nurse practitioner programs, such as the MSN-FNP program, use asynchronous instruction only. These programs still require the same class hours, but students complete clinical independently and with a preceptor.


The flexibility to complete online classes at your own pace allows you to study when it suits you. This may help you to stay on top of assignments, even when other life events occur, such as a deployment or a move to a new town.

Many full-time FNP programs are designed for working nurses who want to earn their graduate nursing degree while maintaining their current career aspirations and earning income. However, part-time FNP programs are often available for students with existing responsibilities, and some onsite classes are also offered to allow you to meet your classmates in person.

Most MSN FNP programs require clinicals, which can be completed in various healthcare settings. This experience provides hands-on practical nurse training and clinical experience you won’t get from reading textbooks.


Online nurse practitioner programs can help you save money on tuition, books, technology fees, and more. You can also avoid the cost of transportation, gas, and parking.

An FNP degree opens up new career opportunities, boosts earning potential, and increases the independence and responsibility you can assume in a medical setting. FNPs can be found in many settings and work to care for a wide variety of patients, from young children to the elderly.

Those with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field can enroll in direct-entry master of science in nursing (MSN) programs. These programs offer an academic foundation in nursing and practical training through clinical rotations. Students complete online core and family nurse practitioner specialty courses, then participate in a clinical internship course requiring 650 hours of patient care completed locally in approved states.

Career Opportunities

Many nurses find working as an FNP to be highly rewarding and exciting. This career path offers them a high level of autonomy and self-government as they care for patients, often interacting with them throughout their lives.

FNPs also have the option to open their private practices if they so choose. This can be an excellent opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and desire for independence. Still, it is essential to note that owning your practice comes with additional responsibilities beyond just nursing duties.

If nurses are prepared to take the next step in their profession, they might consider earning an online FNP degree. This degree allows them to expand their career opportunities by becoming an APRN and taking on more advanced patient-care responsibilities.

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