Rust Raiding Tactics: Breaching Enemy Bases for Loot

Rust raiding
Rust raiding

Rust raiding is an interesting game where you can do loots to increase your lifeline and power. Once you begin the game, you must enter the server list containing three primary tabs, including the official community and modded tabs.

The first tab contains a high population, but we recommend avoiding the servers above the population of 200 because it will make it tricky to find the locations to build. Another tab contains a mixture of servers. These have a lower population and some changes in the gameplay.

So these are the basics of the gameplay. In this article, we will provide some tips to breach enemy bases for loot.

Tactics for raiding

If you want to play this game, you will have to know some tactics for raiding through which you can breach enemy bases for loot. In this section, we will provide you with some tactics. Let’s dive into the game tactics.

Need enough explosives

When you are going for a loof of an enemy base, you will need enough explosives to damage the doors and walls. The primary explosives that can help you do this are rocket launchers, graned launchers, and explosive bullets; other things you can use, but those will not give you a perfect result. C4 can weaken the walls or doors, but more scrabs are required to be crafted. Satchel charges; you can also use it, but it does not splash according to the need.

You must also be precocious with enough explosives because the base may have traps. So now the question is how you can destroy the traps. So to destroy the traps, you can use a good amount of f1 nades. Use 10 f1 nades from Bannon camp, costing you 80 scrap. Be careful while using it because it splashes very fast. In my opinion, Nades is an excellent choice to destroy the traps.

Breach the doors first.

Always try to breach the doors first to enter the enemy’s base because they are the weak points of the base. If you breach the doors first, you can succeed quickly using the explosives mentioned above. The doors have less HP and require fewer explosives to destroy.

Rocket and grenade launchers will give you quick results, but you can use those when you have infinite supplies; otherwise, you may use C4, these are cheaper than heavy explosives. You can use C4 and Satchel charges and reserve the rockets.

Keep an eye on the enemies

You have to watch the third-party base for raiding and looting. You can do this by checking the report. It is important for you to check the report. For example, suppose you go for loot and have already checked the report, and the report shows some names.

In that case, you have to be attentive while raiding because some enemies are present in the base, and to deal with those enemies, you need a backup plan to protect yourself. So, a backup plan is essential while raiding a base. if no names are shown in the report, you can loot the base without worrying about the enemies.


Enemies always keep the jackpot loot in the safest location, which will be difficult to access. Suppose there are no active defenses in that situation you have to break the walls secure the loot, and get out of the place as soon as possible. You will have to hit the weak side of the wall to secure loot quickly.  As Jackhammer is the cheapest way to break the wall but weak walls can easily be broken down with it. Tool cupboard is an important item to secure in the base while raiding.


For a perfect raid and loot, you will always have to keep an eye on the third party. By following these tactics, you can breach the base of the enemy and make a jackpot loot. Always remember while raiding to breach the door first for a quick loot. Keep enough explosives with you to damage the walls or doors. You can also use cheats and rust hacks free to win the game. If you have no idea about it you can explore Battlelog for a great experience. This article will provide you with a clear vision of how to raid and loot the base of the enemy.

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