Does Lowe’s Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Lowe’s rent carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners are essential for maintaining a healthy home. They are a must-have for deep cleaning carpets, removing stains and killing bacteria that regular vacuums just can’t reach. Unfortunately, many people don’t give their carpets attention they need, with 36% of Americans only giving them a deep clean once a year.

Does Lowe’s Rent Carpet Cleaners?

That’s why Lowe’s carpet cleaner rental is such an attractive option. It’s an affordable way to get professional-level cleaning without all the hassles of buying and storing a carpet cleaner. Lowe’s charges $29.99 for 24-hour Rental. Rent a carpet cleaner today and get your home ready.

When it comes to renting a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s, there are a few things you should know. First, there are two main types of carpet cleaners you can rent: a standard carpet cleaner and a deep-cleaning model. The standard cleaner is great for everyday use, while the deep-cleaning model is best for tougher jobs.

Does Lowe’s Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2023?

Does Lowes Rent Carpet Cleaners

If so, Lowe’s may have just the product for you. Since the beginning of 2021, Lowe’s has been offering carpet cleaner rentals to customers across the United States. With the help of this service, homeowners can save themselves money and time by avoiding costly carpet replacements.

At Lowe’s, customers can choose from a selection of carpet cleaners by top brands such as BISSEL, Hoover, and Prolux. Prices start at an average of $29.99 for 4 hours and $39.99 for 48 hours, depending on your rental period, store location, and whether you hire a domestic or commercial carpet cleaner.

When it comes to choosing the right cleaner for your carpets, Lowe’s offers a variety of options. You can choose from a selection of spot cleaning machines, steamers, and dry vacuums. Each machine is designed to tackle different types of stains and dirt, making it easier to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Moreover, Lowe’s carpet cleaner rentals are available at most locations. Customers can also find rental information through their local store or online. With a few simple clicks, you can make a reservation for the perfect cleaner for your needs.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up a small area or deeply clean a whole room, Lowe’s carpet cleaner rentals are a great way to get the job done in 2023. With a selection of top brands and affordable prices, you’ll be sure to find the perfect carpet cleaner to suit your needs. So, don’t hesitate to check out Lowe’s selection of carpet cleaners and rent one today.

What Is The Cost Of Renting A Carpet Cleaner In 2023?

Cost Of Renting A Carpet Cleaner

The cost of renting a carpet cleaner in 2023 is expected to remain fairly affordable for most homeowners. Today, Lowe’s offers BISSELL Carpet Cleaners at a rate of $29.99 for 4 hours and $39.99 for 24 hours. The rental includes the machine and the necessary cleaning solutions and tools to effectively clean carpets, upholstery, stairs, and rugs. Customers must provide their own form of payment upon rental; however, Lowe’s accepts all major credit cards as well as cash or check payments for their services.

In addition to their reasonable rates, Lowe’s also offers an additional 10% off with coupons on select models of carpet cleaners when rented online or in-store.

What Types Of Carpet Cleaners Are Available To Rent At Lowe’s?

When it comes to finding the right carpet cleaner for your home, Lowe’s is a great choice. With only one type of carpet cleaner available to rent, you can be sure that the cleaning job will be done right! The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is a professional grade carpet cleaner that features an extra-large DirtLifter power brush and sprayer. It also has two tanks – one for clean water and one for dirty water – which makes it easier to dispose of the mess after cleaning. This machine is designed to effectively remove dirt, pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens from carpets and upholstery.

This professional grade rug doctor rental offers superior suction power and improved maneuverability over conventional upright vacuums. It comes with four rows of scrubbing brushes that help loosen dirt from deep within carpets fibers.

Lowe’s offers carpet cleaners by the following brands:

  • Hoover
  • Prolux
  • BISSELL Commercial
  • Ewbank
  • Koblenz

How Do You Rent A Carpet Cleaner At Lowe’s?

Renting a carpet cleaner at Lowe’s is easy. With a few simple steps, you can have your carpets looking sparkling clean in no time.

To start the process, you’ll need to visit the rental area of your local Lowe’s store. There you’ll find a variety of carpet cleaner options to choose from, depending on the size of your carpets and the cleaning power you need. You’ll need to decide which type of carpet cleaner is right for your needs, such as a deep cleaner, spot cleaner, or shampooer.

Once you decide on the type of carpet cleaner you need, you can then fill out the Lowe’s Rental Agreement to get the process started. This agreement will outline the duration of your rental, the cost and any additional fees associated with the rental.

After you fill out the agreement and pay the rental cost, you’ll be ready to pick up your cleaner. You can typically pick up the cleaner the same day if it’s available.

When you pick up your cleaner, you’ll need to read over the instructions and make sure you understand how to use the machine. You’ll also need to make sure to follow all safety guidelines, especially if you’re using a machine with a cord. After you’re done cleaning, be sure to return the cleaner on time.

Renting a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s is an easy and convenient way to get your carpets looking great. With the right rental agreement, you can have your carpets cleaned and looking like new in no time.

Are Lowe’s Rental Carpet Cleaners Good?

Lowe’s Rental Carpet Cleaners Good

Absolutely! If you want to keep your carpets looking their best, renting a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s is a great option. Lowe’s offers the BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner, which is a commercial-grade carpet cleaner that is ideal for any type of carpet, including Berber, outdoor, and carpet runners.

The BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner can deep clean your carpets and remove tough dirt and stains. It has a powerful suction that is capable of removing tough messes and debris that other cleaners can’t. The Big Green also comes with an adjustable handle and a large capacity tank, so you can easily maneuver it around your home.

When renting a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s, you can choose from one of two types of rental packages. The first package is the “one-time rental”, which is designed for one-time cleaning of a single room. The second package is the “multi-room rental”, which allows for multiple rooms to be cleaned at one time. Both packages come with all the necessary supplies, including the cleaning solution, a brush, and a hose.

Renting a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s is also very cost-effective. Depending on the size of the room you are cleaning and the type of carpet, the cost of the rental can range from $25 to $75. This makes it a great option for those who are on a budget and don’t want to purchase a carpet cleaner outright.

Overall, renting a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s is a great option for those looking to keep their carpets looking their best. The BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner is a powerful and reliable cleaner that can easily remove tough messes and debris. It is also a cost-effective option that allows you to clean multiple rooms at once. So if you’re looking for a good carpet cleaner at Lowe’s, then the BISSELL Big Green is definitely the way to go.

Is It Cheaper To Rent A Carpet Cleaner Or Buy One At Lowes?

When it comes to cleaning carpets, the question of whether it is cheaper to rent or buy a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s can be complicated. The cost of renting a carpet cleaner at Lowe’s usually depends on the size of your home and number of rooms you need to clean. If you have a large home or multiple rooms that require cleaning, then renting may be more economical in the short-term since you won’t have to purchase a machine for each room. On the other hand, if you plan on using the carpet cleaner often and over an extended period of time, then buying one might be more cost effective due to the total cost savings associated with not having to pay rental fees throughout its lifetime.

Another factor when deciding between buying or renting is how technologically advanced your desired machine is.


Yes, Lowe’s does rent carpet cleaners. Not only do they offer a wide variety of brands, but also competitive rental rates and store locations that can be easily accessed for pickup and return. Furthermore, Lowe’s offers helpful online resources for customers who may not understand the cleaning process or have questions about their rental. All in all, renting a carpet cleaner from Lowe’s is an excellent option to consider if you need to freshen up your carpets.

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